It’s a Self Thing Now


There was a time when man would give his all

When man wouldn’t care so much about his fall

He concentrated on any sound that was a call

Yes! he cared, he loved, he gave

That was his pleasure, his fave’

But then something changed

Maybe he became rotten to the core

Or actually a core no longer existed

So man focused on himself

Believed only in himself

Assumed only for himself

Actually he defined SELF in HIMSELF

Maybe it wasn’t on him

We might not want to admit it but we play a major role

We drove a part of him out

We allowed part of him to be broken

We marked, we scorned, we mocked

Just because he wasn’t like us

We let his fear and flaws be his judgement seat

And that is the core thing fail to see

We feel, we witness, we contemplate

But in the end we fail to comprehend

And maybe we should stop trying at all

Because we created a broken man.


Heart blended- yeah!

I love the snow flakes

Make me a Popsicle

Perhaps melt me in one

No wait!

Freeze me in one

I love how senseless it feels

More like how void it flows

That’s what I call life

No particular destination

But a definite definition

I’m living it!


To the One I Love

Walking through the rain

Rising from the snare

Can’t stand the pain

But you came as a spare

Dragging me out of the crowd

You took away the terrors of the night

A shield of comfort

An armor of hope

A reflection of faith

Threw down that rope

Over and over

Proofing that I could be more

Definitely more I am


Letter to Myself

Dear Self,

I  know I haven’t been true to you

I know I haven’t been the kind of person you need me to be

In fact, if there is something I’m trying to be it is you

But the wave of emotions

And the rage of time eaters

And the undeniable circumstances you are fully aware of

Will not give me that opportunity

You know that my efforts are matchless

Just to make you proud is my aim

Well, at least I hope I haven’t let you down too much

My brains are restless

My nights are thoughtless

Just because I know that there are millions of people

Who may not make it if I fail to be you

There’s just one request

Don’t make me focus too much on you

That it may end up being all about you

Instead of involving those out there

I love you

But I love others too

So while allowing me to be you

Remind me that I need to be there for others

Love, Your Self

Black Don’t Crack

Black Don’t Crack

Enslaved by the very people who try to Steal my Culture
Sold to me False Hope and made my Fellow Men Hate each other cos they Feared my Nature.

 Well I stand Proud today and I say to Them,

Yes am Black

So black is my DNA

Black is my roots

Black is my Mother and Father

Black is the Melanin that makes me Supernatural

Black is the universe that am connected to

Black is the soul am connected to

Black is the state God was in, until he said let there be light

Black is the colour I seen in my Mother’s womb

Black is the supreme colour,  all colours come from black

Black is the sky that reflects the stars at night

I am Black and I am proud, 

Black don’t Crack


By: Benjamin Oteng

Daily Prompt: Lurch

via Daily Prompt: Lurch

I decided to make a move

But then it never worked

Then devour, I thought

But I wasn’t content

Let’s play instead, I decided

It was no fun either

Score double, perhaps that will work

However, there was no game

Possess it! I concluded

That was just cold

No matter the kind of lurch I thought about

It always ended in my clutch as a failure



When I saw willy-nilly

I thought it was completely silly

My mind went completely blank

What could come out from this brain close to a shank

Then I realized

Even my thoughts as released

Could make a nice piece

After all, this isn’t a race.