Heart blended- yeah!

I love the snow flakes

Make me a Popsicle

Perhaps melt me in one

No wait!

Freeze me in one

I love how senseless it feels

More like how void it flows

That’s what I call life

No particular destination

But a definite definition

I’m living it!


To the One I Love

Walking through the rain

Rising from the snare

Can’t stand the pain

But you came as a spare

Dragging me out of the crowd

You took away the terrors of the night

A shield of comfort

An armor of hope

A reflection of faith

Threw down that rope

Over and over

Proofing that I could be more

Definitely more I am


The Trip Experience

It was my first time on the plane and I loved every bit of it.

I started from Accra, Ghana way up to Fairbanks, USA. Four flights in all- Accra to Washington DC, Washington DC to Detroit, Detroit to Seattle and Seattle to Fairbanks. I left Ghana on Wednesday at 11:45pm and arrived in Alaska on Friday at 12:05am. Yeah! It was a long trip and I’m still surprised I  made it home finally.

I’d love to talk about every detail of the trip but trust me, we don’t have all the time for that so just my focus- two or three lines about the clouds.

In the Air

I’ve always been so captivated by nature and what I saw is amazingly indescribable. I don’t know how many people pay attention to the clouds but I did and it was amazing.

In one phrase, it looked like a transparent glass overlaid with mountains and valleys of icing.

That was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen and honestly, I will let you in on anything else as amazing as that immediately I find one.

Bad Deal

This may not be the best travel post but this is my heart poured out and I enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading!!!


Hi guys,

I’m sorry for the inconsistency. Things came up and I couldn’t keep up with my scheduled posting. But guess what- I’m back! Our first post will be a big surprise- but definitely tomorrow. It’s a date!!!

A Time To Part

The Book Review

FB_IMG_1504008055616Author:Ama Pomaa

Date Published:2017

Date Read:August 29, 2017


Pages: 251

Publisher:Hetura Books

                                                                                        Reviewed By:Nana Afoa Selorm

About the Book

Seven years ago, Jasmine left everything she knew behind. Her mother had killed herself, her father was terminally ill, and she had broken Hagan, the only man who ever loved her. It was the perfect time to start over. 

Except she never parted with any of it.

When a tragic incident forces her back into the past, she’ll have to decide if letting go is too high a price to pay for everything…

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The Method of Prayer

The Book Review

Author: Justice Kojo Bentil

Date Published: 2012

Date Read: September 14, 2017


Pages: 72

Publisher: Raspa Press Ltd

Reviewed By: Nana Afoa Selorm

About the Book

God expects His children to pray, not just because He wants them to, but that He will answer them. With a refreshing blend of sound scriptural exposition and practical anecdotes, the author of “When Men Stop Praying”, a classic piece on the essence of prayer; and “Christian Attitude Towards Death”, Apostle J.K Bentil shares with you in this insightful piece on “The Method of Prayer”. Follow him carefully and practice the divine principles outlined in this book and your prayer life will never be the same.


I must definitely conclude that Justice Kojo Bentil is a writer of great insight with few but detailed words. When I reviewed his THE SWORD SHALL NOT DEPART FROM YOUR HOUSE, I mentioned that…

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Conquering The Fear Of Starting

The Book Review

IMG-20170816-WA0013Author: Millionaire E. Ford

Date Published: First Printing-2010 (Booklet)                                   Second Printing-2016 (Soft cover)

Date Read:August 15, 2017

ISBN: 978-9988-143-039

                                                                             Pages:  223

                                                                             Publisher:Kingston House


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