Let’s Salute the Audience

There is something I’ve still not been able to figure out in years- why people will even read what I post. It is the greatest honour ever that someone out there is willing to spend at least fifteen seconds of whatever I have coined from probably just a second of a thought. Today, my audience, I give you the respect you deserve. Not just us who write deserve it- you do more. Just one of you makes the views one higher than the former. Minus you, there’s actually no count.

Happy Audience’s Respect Day:-)

My Favorite Lessons of Life

There are certain lessons of life  that seem to be guiding man into a depth of intellect. Learning Maths taught me that formulas are very important in solving equations but it is completely useless when you know the formula but have no idea how it answers the question. Similarly, knowing the lessons of life should not be the only pursuit- knowing what those lessons mean and how they apply should be considered.

These are five lessons of life that have really got me hooked and as I have written, how and when to apply it becomes a problem so added are what to do with these lessons:

  • Those hardest to love need it most- Love everyone, who knows, there might be someone you might not be able to stand but that person is actually the one who needs it the most because of deep hurt. People usually use coldness as a facade for pain.

  • Your destiny is yours only, own it- Whatever you will become or are supposed to do some day is yours to become or do. If you allow people to choose your path for you, you will be doing what they have to and definitely driving towards your own unfulfilled future.

  • Life is the biggest stage- You want to do so many things, show many people what you are capable of and whatever? Life is the biggest platform. As long as you live you have a chance, after life, there is no longer a show.

  • You have to be your own best friend- Trust is completely objective, but apart from yourself, who better can you tell about all your life and trust in order not be disappointed. Love yourself, trust yourself and most importantly, regulate your own self.

  • The truth will set you free- Don’t entangle yourself with the fear of being discovered or covering up for lies. Let the truth be your sole lead, and you will find that your heart bleeds less. Knowing the truth also releases you from any clench of oblivion. What you don’t really know about is what hinders your opportunity to move forward.

Out of Balance

via Daily Prompt: Organize

One thing that i think is way overrated is organization. My thoughts are as messy as my room, my life is as dismembered as my fifteen year old doll. But guess what- the most unique thing is that though they seem out of place, there are exactly how i can easily reach to what i want. Guess where the inspiration for this post came from? Exactly! The point is that the messier things get the greater the output because of the great input. I like it messy! I like it entangled! But most importantly i like disorganized! You know why? Because that’s my most unique trend!


The Restricted


The image I keep glaring at is what seems non-existent. Each part of me wants a piece of everything that I can’t offer that. I am invincible, or so I choose to believe. I am incomparable, or so I hope. That image, that particular one, shouldn’t be there. It has “do not touch” attached to it. It screams stay away. So why do I feel as if is that is where my true desire lies? Well, it actually does. Stay away! Someone wake me up from this daze, else my gaze will stay and before I realize I’ve set all ablaze.

The truth of the matter is that what life has to offer is what I mostly don’t yearn for and what the heavens know I need is actually what I don’t want. You think it’s ironic? It isn’t. It is the true fact of life. Join the club!!

The Real Battle

The biggest battle ever fought is the one within. Trying so hard not to give in to a bad temper. Fighting hard against a habit that weighs you down. It’s torture trying to stay sane while your mind struggles not to explode from all the voices screaming, yelling, crying, and what not just to break free from the torment of that war. The hardest part of it all is realizing that there is no one else aware of your battle, and if even if aware, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to help. So it all boils down to being a¬†personal¬†fight.

By: Nana Afoa Selorm


I had the most amazing feeling today. All my life, I thought knowing Christ was enough. It actually isn’t. It is His calling that sums up everything. What are we doing sitting around? Christ is calling. Don’t just repent. Desire for the calling. When it comes, you would surely know. At that moment you will feel it deep within, that you do not want to go back. You are not perfect, no, you are just on the path that would get you to the right level in Christ. Surrender. Christ will take course and everything will definitely fall in place.

Value Huh?

Value is usually viewed as a price tag but for me, value is undefinable.

Value is the petty little things we do that makes us feel like we have changed a life, that we have had an impact. For years, I can say, I’ve been doing the same wrong things over and over again but at the same time, irrespective of those little wrong things, I can also boldly say that i have definitely impacted someone’s life.

Perhaps my value is not complete but i’m getting there.

Race Me!!