Spoken Word 3

From the rings of Saturn

It is certain that rings, ring a bell

Artifacts without a beginning or an end

Rounded like roundabouts,

The axis upon which the world runs about

With stranded men at its center

Even though life is no bout,

Same men rout friends to make enemies.

In a ring, the bout between friends

Only ends no where

Because, a ring, has no end

Like dark tunnels with no light

Men smite men

To become gods with no kingdom

Ding Don,

The bell of the presumed don rings

With sound waves that do not echo beyond his own ear ring

We fail to realize we will move further together than apart

With ring-like friendships with no end

Our achievement would have no end

How can two walk together except they agree

Not to be greed led,

Because, its effect, like rust,

Destroys the integrity of the ring

Leaving us with no lord over the ring

Unlike a ring no end

My piece has come to an end.

By: Azariah Batsa Anneh (BA²)

Spoken Word 2

What if life is a dream and death wakes us up?

Realizing the milky cow doesn’t make the Milky Way,

Living in a virtual reality,

The sarcophagus becomes nothing more than a bitter bed for the living.

For the living are the dead and the dead are living

Welcome to the Missa defunctorum

The dead are singing for the living

Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine.

For after trying to race against time

You end up being caught with time

And now forced to serve time

Note this, your jail sentence

Doesn’t start after death.

When your mirage is death

And life is your reality.

Believing in a beginning

And never an end.

Let me help you to clearly clarify your confusion

What if life is a dream and death wakes you up

What if the point of realization of the reality of judgement is death

And your life was lived to please your sinful self.

Selfish to the core.

Whiles Christ was turning men to fishers of men

You were turning your fishes to venomous vipers

Spending your whole time vibing

To tunes and sounds of demons

Now, your only tune is lonely tunes

Nibbling to what you perceive as carrot

Maggot is what you are chewing

Oh wretched man when will you wake up before you eternally sleep

Note this, dead men don’t die

You are either born twice to die once

Or you live once to die twice

By: Azariah Batsa Anneh (BA²)

Spoken Word

I love you

So knocking on your heart’s door has become my new occupation

But this situation, we have found ourselves in is a little conflicting

It’s confusing, how you can love someone so much and not be loved back

Even when the stokes hit my back, my love for you kept me going

The radiant glowing of my glory was not sufficient to keep me from you

I will cross the heavens to get to you, descend into the deepest depth of hell for you

This is not just for poetry

I mean this literally

Exhibiting symptoms of muscular dystrophy

Frequent falls, getting up with difficulty

In all this, you were not there to hold me up

You watched me drown in the pain of your wrongs

My disfigurement was your aggrandizement

Whiles you were still complaining about sunburns

I the Son, had burnt your blemish

Diminishing your fetish tendencies

Jealously guarding my love for you

This is my plea

Flee from the noise of sin and let me in

Stop hiding behind fear

Weigh my sacrifice and you realize

Your sin outweighs my love

Come to me all ye who a weary

And I will give you rest

From the pest, that beset your steps

The reason you’ve failed my test

So now just thirst

For rest, and trust in my words

I’m yours forever

I’m Christ the one who has loved you

Who still loves you

And will forever love you.

By: Azariah Batsa Anneh (BA²)