SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 5- End

Joshua thought of Naa. If he could go back to two days before, he wouldn’t have broken up with her and listened to Agyeiwaa. He was blinded by his past feelings for her and didn’t realised he was in love with Naa. He sat wondering if he should go and see Naa or not. She wasn’t picking his calls.

“What were you telling me over the phone this morning?” Agyeiwaa barged in. “You are breaking up with me?”

“Agyeiwaa, I don’t know what we have”. He lashed back. “One thing I’m sure about is that you don’t treasure me. You walk in and out of my life how and when you please. I don’t want someone like you in my life. I am thirty and I’m not getting any younger. I need a stable relationship.”

“Oh really. I left a chance to go to South Africa just to be with you. You’ve ruined my life. I hate you. Don’t ever look for me because you won’t find me. I’m leaving forever”. Agyeiwaa slammed the door and she left.

Joshua ran out to go and look for Naa. He was glad Agyeiwaa, despite her reaction, agreed to the break up. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to go back to Naa.

Naa got ready to leave for the states. She planned to leave later that month because of Joshua but after all that had happened she didn’t want to stay another second. She didn’t know why he kept calling her. She didn’t want an excuse to hold on to the love she felt for him so she wanted to avoid any contact with him.

She heard Joshua shout out her name from outside so she went out to see what he wanted.

“Naa, I’m sorry”, he screamed when he saw her. “I’m an idiot. I didn’t realise that you are the best woman on earth. I miss you. I’m sorry. I love you.”

She ran to him and hugged him. “I knew I wasn’t wrong for trusting. I knew my instincts were never wrong. I knew you loved me”, she cried. “You are really an idiot”.

“I broke up with her”.

She hugged him more tightly. She was so happy. She invited him in and told him how much she missed and wanted him back. “I was leaving for the states today but I won’t anymore. I can leave when I initially planned, at the end of the month”.

“I’m sorry…”

“Forget about that. I already forgave you. You know me. Holding grudges is not really my thing”.

She smiled at him and he smiled back.

“You didn’t tell me you loved me back”, he said playfully.

“That would cost you a really passionate kiss”, she said.

“I really don’t mind”, he said.

He drew closer to her and kissed her. For the first time in a long time, she felt the void in her heart completely filled. The lonely feeling was closing up. She was happy, so was he. They wanted to be together, together forever.

“I love you Joshua”.




SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 4- 2

“I don’t understand. Joshua won’t you say anything?” Naa asked when Joshua didn’t talk even after Agyeiwaa left.

“I’m sorry Naa”, Joshua said almost in a whisper. “My intention with you from the beginning was mere friendship. I just wanted you to be more open and leave your shell of loneliness. You took me too seriously”.

“What are you saying? You love me. You said you liked me a lot. You said you had feelings for me. You told me you wanted me to fall in love with you”, she cried.

“I said I had feelings for you, not love. You told me you were starting to fall in love with me. I just said that because of what you said. I didn’t mean it and I didn’t know you took it serious”.

“You know what my life is like. You know how empty I am. Yet you still went ahead to lead me on? Even ask me out? You are so cruel”, she screamed.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to”.

Agyeiwaa impatiently honked.

“Your girlfriend is waiting for you. I’m good. I’m used to people walking in and out of my life into the arms of death. Trust me, I can handle this better”, she said as she stood to walk him out.

He stood and held her. “Don’t talk like that. I didn’t mean to hurt you”.

She pulled away from him and asked him to leave. He walked out slowly. He felt bad for her. His heart ached badly. She was already a lonely person. He wondered how she was feeling. The thought of it made him cry.

Agyeiwaa stared at him as he entered the car. She was glad it was all over. She felt sorry for him. She had asked him earlier if he was in love with Naa and he said he wasn’t. She felt bad for him but he had told her that he was willing to break up with Naa. That was what influenced her decision to help him break up with her.

Back at home, Naa couldn’t stand the pain. She yelled and cried. It was driving her crazy that she had been so gullible and her instincts failed her. She trusted Joshua blindly and it made her angry. She was so sure he loved her. She couldn’t comprehend how he could fake how he felt. If he had been acting all these while then he was really good, she thought.

At that moment, her only wish was to rid herself of all the love she felt for him.



SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 4- 1

Naa Dromor cleared her desk and said goodbye to her colleagues at the office. Her visa was ready. She was left with just a ticket. She had a month to before her visa expired. Mary knew a lot of people so the preparations and processing of Naa’s papers and visa were very brief. She looked at her office and was proud of how far she had come. She felt happier when she thought of not ever seeing Julius DeGraft and listening to him blabber.

Agyeiwaa drove straight to Naa Dromor’s house. Reading her texts with Joshua, it made her angry that he didn’t wait for her. Joshua watched her quietly and she sped to Naa’s house. He only spoke when she asked for directions. She returned the day before just to find out that Joshua was seeing another woman. Her friends told her they saw Joshua and Naa together several times but she didn’t believe them. She broke up with her ex-boyfriend formally and came back to Joshua.

Naa Dromor met them at her doorstep. She smiled when she saw Joshua.

“Hi, Joshua. Hi miss. Come in”.

Joshua walked into the room slowly. Naa offered them a seat, and sat when they refused her offer for something to drink.

“I just finished my packing at the office. But why are you here? We agreed to meet later on at your place”, she said, oblivious of what was going on.


“Your meeting won’t come off”. Agyeiwaa cut in before Joshua could say anything more. “My name is Agyeiwaa. I am Joshua’s girlfriend. I didn’t trust that he would break up with you cleanly, because he never told you about me. He said he didn’t want to hurt you so I came to make things easier for him. I’m done with what I came here to say”. She turned to Joshua. “I’ll wait for you in the car. Talk and clarify things.”

Agyeiwaa excused herself and left them to talk.

SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 3- 3

Joshua sensed how tensed she was. Due to her reserved nature, she avoided anyone as much as she could. The only thing she did was study and read, and now work and read.

“Relax okay”, he whispered.

“I’ve never been touched like this by a guy. I’ve never done this with any guy”, she whispered back.

He held her back and stared at her. She blushed. She was embarrassed. “Naa, where have you been living all this while? Jupiter?”

She stood up and turned away. He got up and stood behind her. He kissed her neck.  She trembled. He turned her to face him. He kissed her and her response was not bad. He withdrew and smiled.

“You are not bad for a first timer”, he teased.

She laughed. “Let me tell you this now”.

“Tell me”.

“Mary asked me to join her in the states. She asked me if I would like to come there for vacations or for work. I hadn’t decided because of you but now I think I would just go for vacations. I’ll tell her when I call her again”.

“Great then”.

Joshua wished he could love her. Even though he was there with Naa, he was thinking about Agyeiwaa. He didn’t know if he should prepare her for Agyeiwaa or he should just let things be. After all, he wasn’t lying to her so it was okay.

She left after a few minutes when she received a call from the office.



SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 3- 2

He had a lot going on. He loved and trusted Agyeiwaa but he wasn’t sure if she was going to break up with her ex-boyfriend or just go back to him. Either ways, he didn’t want to waste his time on a woman who didn’t want him. He replied the message and took a short nap.

Naa Dromor stood under the tree and waited for Joshua. The text clearly read:

I want to give you my answer in person. Meet me under the tree, where you hid when you were scared.

The honk from the car across the street caught her attention. She crossed the road and sat in the car. Joshua looked a little sad, almost upset. He drove her to his place and they sat on the porch. He brought her a glass of juice and got himself some whisky.

“You could have just asked me to come here”.

“You haven’t been here before”, he answered almost harshly.

She had never seen him in that mood. She was worried. “What are you upset about? Is it me?”

“I’m sorry. I’m just not too well”, he answered, forcing a smile. “Are you really in love with me, do you want to be with me?”

She didn’t expect him to go straight to the point like that. He wasn’t the kind to beat about the bush but he just wanted to get this over and done with. He was tired of Agyeiwaa’s wits and instability. He wanted someone who would treasure him. Agyeiwaa never made him feel that way. Though he wasn’t sure what he felt for her, Naa Dromor seemed like someone who would worship him.

Naa Dromor wasn’t sure what answer she should give. She thought he would give a long speech before saying anything.

“Would you like to be my girlfriend? Sincerely, I can’t say I love you as much as you do but I can tell you I have strong feelings for you”.

This was the first time anyone was being so sincere but scary to her. She nodded slowly. Joshua held out his hands and Naa held onto it. He pulled her up and she sat on his laps. He gave her a peck on the cheek. Her heart started racing. She was not sure if she should respond or not. She had never been kissed before. She was new at everything aside a hug.

SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 3- 1

“I don’t understand anything Agyeiwaa. It’s been barely two months and you want to break up again?” Joshua yelled.

“I’m not breaking up with you. I just need a short break. I need to sort things out with him”.

“I don’t get it. Do you need to break up with me to be able to tell a guy that you don’t need him? It makes no sense!”

“He is my ex”, she shouted back. “We never broke up explicitly before he went to South Africa. I don’t want him to think I’m cheating”.

“Okay fine. You know I love you. Do as you please. I’m okay with it if that will make it easier for you to break up with him. I just don’t know why you need to though”.

“Thanks baby. Don’t worry. It is just temporary”.

He nodded and gave her a peck on the forehead. He loved her so much and he didn’t want to lose her even though she never treated him as he deserved.

Naa Dromor had two more weeks to wrap up for the quarter. She wasn’t sure if she should renew her contract with the company or not. They asked her to stay with them for another quarter but she wasn’t certain if she wanted to. Mary had asked her to come and live with her at the states or come for vacations. She didn’t know which to choose either and Mary wanted to finalize her travelling papers.

She hadn’t told Joshua about it. In fact they hadn’t spoken about anything aside work ever since he went to Kumasi with his boss for a book signing event. He hadn’t replied her last message either.

Joshua stared at the text on his phone again. It was from two days ago. He didn’t know if he should reply or not. It was a poem. The postscript was a love message. It read:

I think your prayers worked. You succeeded in making me fall in love with you. What do you say? How do you feel?

SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 2- 3

He said nothing and watched her as she spoke in fear, as if she was witnessing the accident. She stared into space. “I lived with my uncle since then. We moved to Ho for some time. I returned eight years ago when I entered the university and decided to stay here. My uncle too died last year”.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get you to talk about all these. I expected to hear something like ‘rains are frustrating’ or any other funny reason”.

“Don’t worry. I wanted to talk about it. Aside my best friend, Mary who travelled to the states last month, no one knows about it”.

“So you have a best friend?”

“We stayed together when I came to Accra. I knew her before my parents died. I stayed with her when I came to university in Accra”.

“No wonder you seemed so lonely when I first met you. It’s as if you have a lot going on. You need something or someone to fill that empty void. Like your boyfriend.”

She laughed loudly. “I’ve never had a boyfriend. I don’t have one now either. I believe books have filled my void”.

“Which planet are you from? How old are you?” he teased.

“I’ve never had the time for all those. I’ve been too busy…”

“Being lonely? Very funny! But you’ve had crushes?”

“A lot. My first crush turned me down so I never confessed any of my subsequent crushes”.

“You are too interesting. I like you a lot already.”

She looked at him. He was smiling at her. “And I think I’m almost in love with you”.

“I’ll fast and pray for that to happen”.

It was five in the evening so Naa Dromor wrapped up quickly and Joshua dropped her off at home.