Crazy Jump


Bridge the gap between a bridge and a moment of craze

It takes one moment to decide if to jump

Or just scream in utmost insanity

Well, it never makes sense

Why jump when you can just decide to scream

Or why scream if yo can just decide to jump

This is probably one absurd repetition

That’s the whole point

Though it is completely ludicrous

It gives some kind of content, not just content

Don’t let things that make sense

Be the only things that make actual sense

Sometimes, a confusion or inconsistency

Conveys an actual message

The Traumatic Trauma

via Daily Prompt: Delivery

I’ve got this

Obviously i have

I have a dictionary, with no words to define

I’ve got a car wash,with no cars to wash

Back off! This is a restricted zone

It’s a building sprayed with strawberry scented frustration

The colors are green, red and black

Envy and danger; more danger!

No there’s nothing there

I tried looking

They say when you take the cover off then you discover

I did take the cover off

Oh yeah! i did discover

It’s what i call a trauma

Oh no no no!

It’s a post-mortem trauma

More traumatic than the most devastating trauma

Perhaps it should be painted mauve

To warn people not to linger but move

Then there could be fewer people like me!




You are the only one battling with a problem

Your strength is so great but the problem is greater

No one understands what you’re going through

No one can fight the battle you are fighting

You have the right to think that

Your pattern of fight is the best

Your style of solution is even way better

Okay, keep thinking

O, are you out of vocabulary?

Then let me help you conclude

The fact that you have a problem doesn’t mean you are the only one with problems

The fact that you are unable to defeat the problem doesn’t make it bigger than your strength

The fact that you are not served pity doesn’t mean no one understands

The fact that no one tells you what to do doesn’t mean no one can fight your battle

The fact that you achieve quickly doesn’t mean your pattern of fight is the best

The fact that your solution produced your results doesn’t make it better

Everyone has their own battles

They just don’t go about broadcasting it

Or begging for pity

Or discouraging themselves

Or telling people what to do

Or bragging about how best they solved it

And forcing people to accept their formula

By: Nana Afoa Selorm


You don’t really get it, do you?

I say okay but I mean screw you

I act fine but I actually mean help!

How much more do I need to yell?

You just don’t get it do you?

You think it’s cool

But I’m actually drowning in the pool

Yeah that pool you probably can’t see

Because you are too blinded by busy

I’m not just going back

I’m literally fleeing

So that you don’t see that I’m trying to scream

You really want to serve me an ice cream?

Well try an actual whip with cream!



The story felt real

I thought I could feel

He stared at me and smiled

I couldn’t help but smile back

I couldn’t believe I was falling

Falling hard I couldn’t help but curse

But the feeling I had was far greater

So I just blushed and allowed myself

He looked at me and smiled

I didn’t mean to lie

I didn’t mean for it to hurt

If I could I would try to make it work

But the feelings aren’t real

And I treasure you too much to lie

Too much to lie, too much to lie


Walking in the vast mass

Strolling through the empty desert

Seeking for the unknown

Hoping for the unforeseen

Squash! In mud fallen

Dirt and disgust

Puke and purge

Blind and searching

Splash! In water fallen

Clean and refreshed

Cough and relief

Bold and proud

Up and wandering again

Till when?

Over and over

Squash and splash!

Really, till when?

Hold and pullout

Struggle and come out dominant though

Giggling but no regret

Peering but no sight

Attentive but no sound

Squash and splash again and again

Really, till when?


The sea is stable

Its waves aren’t

Just like it comes and goes, rises and falls

That’s how it was

I must be in denial

‘Cause though I say I can’t feel, I can

Though I decide to be, I mustn’t

Who do I tell this to?

I expected so much

So that I thought it didn’t hurt

But my mind keeps reminding me

I’m definitely missing something

But I surely don’t want it back.