Good News: Christ died and rose again for me and you.

The good news can easily be simplified into Christ died and rose again for us. But there is more to this dying and rising again. It’s much more than just being saved by the death and resurrection of one great person, i.e the son of God. It is way larger and detailed than that.

Initially, we were living in sin; born in sin due to the sin of one man, Adam (Psalm 51:7; Romans 5: 12). But when Christ came into the world He did not look at our sins nor condemn us (John 3: 17). To him, we were just the lost He needed to find so that was exactly what he did (Isaiah 53:6, Romans 5:6).

He was at a level of Glory, high-esteemed, but he descended to our level so that he would be able to save us (Philippians 2:7-8). He did not die just any death but death on the cross, the kind of death which is worthy of a cures; the highest form of humiliation (Galatians 3: 13). If you don’t call this love then I don’t know what love is.


Now, take note, his love was so great that he did not just die on the cross but that we do not need to do anything special to be saved except to believe that he died for us and confess that He is Lord (Romans 10:9). Isn’t that just amazing?  So the greatest shortcut has been created for us. That is called Grace. We do not deserve it; we do not have to work for it (Ephesians 2:8-9). He just bestowed it upon us. Just like that. The only thing we need to do is believe. Just believe. Immediately you believe, you are saved! What else in this world do we not need to work for? I doubt there is something like that. If there is, I am yet to know.

In summary, we were initially sinners and were completely lost so God sent His own son to come and die a shameful death for our sake so that we can be saved and the only way to be saved is by believing in our hearts that Jesus Christ came to die for us and by confessing he is Lord. Simple! Call on Him and you will be saved (Romans 10:13)!

By: Nana Afoa Selorm



Where is Christ in you?

As youthful Christians, know that Christ lives in us. We have various Christian virtues and qualities that we hold on to. But the real question is; where exactly is it? Yes! We are supposed to write them on tablets of stones in our hearts and what not, and even be those virtues and qualities (2 Corinthians 3:3). But as we know, these are of the spirit and we have those of the world, i.e the flesh.

As we know, the spirit and the flesh never agree. They are at war against each other (Galatians 5:17). We want to do this but we do that and we want to do that but we actually do this (Romans 7: 18-20). The flesh is that which makes us care about if our friends think we are dope or not; if we are cheesy when we talk about Christ or not; if we are still not dating or are virgins at a particular age; if we are living a boring life with the “short life” we have on earth. Need I mention if we are choosing a week long service instead of a real party which will make us fit in? Fit in in bold because that is exactly what we want as youthful as we are which is completely normal.

So that leaves us exactly between the flesh and the spirit. That takes us back to the question; where exactly does Christianity stand and where exactly does Worldliness stand?

So as I wrote earlier, we are always between the two, i.e Worldliness and Christianity. Not Christianity as a religion but Christianity as a real bond and relationship with Christ. But where we position them is exactly what matters. Do we put ourselves above Worldliness and Christianity above us or vice versa? The truth of the matter is that, the only way we can live a stable life free from hypocrisy is by positioning one above the other. We can’t be lukewarm (Revelations 3: 16). There is never “Worldliness and Christianity are both on the same scale as me”.

The best way to overcome Worldliness is by placing it way beneath us and Christianity above us. We are human and like it or not, we were once subject to the world before we were called to Christ but we do not need to be bound by those anymore and we do not have to be bothered about following those earthly norms that were provided by those around us, and ourselves. It may come as a shocker but that was never real freedom. The real freedom is what we have discovered now (Romans 6:14): that is real Christianity.

However, when Christianity is beneath us and Worldliness is above then that is where we carry all the burdens of the world while calling ourselves Christians. Not burdens as needs or wants but burdens of ways to fit in, as mentioned earlier. But I don’t think that is our job. Our job is to just waltz through the earth while allowing Christianity to lead the way.



So what is real Christianity?