The Restricted


The image I keep glaring at is what seems non-existent. Each part of me wants a piece of everything that I can’t offer that. I am invincible, or so I choose to believe. I am incomparable, or so I hope. That image, that particular one, shouldn’t be there. It has “do not touch” attached to it. It screams stay away. So why do I feel as if is that is where my true desire lies? Well, it actually does. Stay away! Someone wake me up from this daze, else my gaze will stay and before I realize I’ve set all ablaze.

The truth of the matter is that what life has to offer is what I mostly don’t yearn for and what the heavens know I need is actually what I don’t want. You think it’s ironic? It isn’t. It is the true fact of life. Join the club!!