SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 4- 2

“I don’t understand. Joshua won’t you say anything?” Naa asked when Joshua didn’t talk even after Agyeiwaa left.

“I’m sorry Naa”, Joshua said almost in a whisper. “My intention with you from the beginning was mere friendship. I just wanted you to be more open and leave your shell of loneliness. You took me too seriously”.

“What are you saying? You love me. You said you liked me a lot. You said you had feelings for me. You told me you wanted me to fall in love with you”, she cried.

“I said I had feelings for you, not love. You told me you were starting to fall in love with me. I just said that because of what you said. I didn’t mean it and I didn’t know you took it serious”.

“You know what my life is like. You know how empty I am. Yet you still went ahead to lead me on? Even ask me out? You are so cruel”, she screamed.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to”.

Agyeiwaa impatiently honked.

“Your girlfriend is waiting for you. I’m good. I’m used to people walking in and out of my life into the arms of death. Trust me, I can handle this better”, she said as she stood to walk him out.

He stood and held her. “Don’t talk like that. I didn’t mean to hurt you”.

She pulled away from him and asked him to leave. He walked out slowly. He felt bad for her. His heart ached badly. She was already a lonely person. He wondered how she was feeling. The thought of it made him cry.

Agyeiwaa stared at him as he entered the car. She was glad it was all over. She felt sorry for him. She had asked him earlier if he was in love with Naa and he said he wasn’t. She felt bad for him but he had told her that he was willing to break up with Naa. That was what influenced her decision to help him break up with her.

Back at home, Naa couldn’t stand the pain. She yelled and cried. It was driving her crazy that she had been so gullible and her instincts failed her. She trusted Joshua blindly and it made her angry. She was so sure he loved her. She couldn’t comprehend how he could fake how he felt. If he had been acting all these while then he was really good, she thought.

At that moment, her only wish was to rid herself of all the love she felt for him.