SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 4- 1

Naa Dromor cleared her desk and said goodbye to her colleagues at the office. Her visa was ready. She was left with just a ticket. She had a month to before her visa expired. Mary knew a lot of people so the preparations and processing of Naa’s papers and visa were very brief. She looked at her office and was proud of how far she had come. She felt happier when she thought of not ever seeing Julius DeGraft and listening to him blabber.

Agyeiwaa drove straight to Naa Dromor’s house. Reading her texts with Joshua, it made her angry that he didn’t wait for her. Joshua watched her quietly and she sped to Naa’s house. He only spoke when she asked for directions. She returned the day before just to find out that Joshua was seeing another woman. Her friends told her they saw Joshua and Naa together several times but she didn’t believe them. She broke up with her ex-boyfriend formally and came back to Joshua.

Naa Dromor met them at her doorstep. She smiled when she saw Joshua.

“Hi, Joshua. Hi miss. Come in”.

Joshua walked into the room slowly. Naa offered them a seat, and sat when they refused her offer for something to drink.

“I just finished my packing at the office. But why are you here? We agreed to meet later on at your place”, she said, oblivious of what was going on.


“Your meeting won’t come off”. Agyeiwaa cut in before Joshua could say anything more. “My name is Agyeiwaa. I am Joshua’s girlfriend. I didn’t trust that he would break up with you cleanly, because he never told you about me. He said he didn’t want to hurt you so I came to make things easier for him. I’m done with what I came here to say”. She turned to Joshua. “I’ll wait for you in the car. Talk and clarify things.”

Agyeiwaa excused herself and left them to talk.