SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 3- 2

He had a lot going on. He loved and trusted Agyeiwaa but he wasn’t sure if she was going to break up with her ex-boyfriend or just go back to him. Either ways, he didn’t want to waste his time on a woman who didn’t want him. He replied the message and took a short nap.

Naa Dromor stood under the tree and waited for Joshua. The text clearly read:

I want to give you my answer in person. Meet me under the tree, where you hid when you were scared.

The honk from the car across the street caught her attention. She crossed the road and sat in the car. Joshua looked a little sad, almost upset. He drove her to his place and they sat on the porch. He brought her a glass of juice and got himself some whisky.

“You could have just asked me to come here”.

“You haven’t been here before”, he answered almost harshly.

She had never seen him in that mood. She was worried. “What are you upset about? Is it me?”

“I’m sorry. I’m just not too well”, he answered, forcing a smile. “Are you really in love with me, do you want to be with me?”

She didn’t expect him to go straight to the point like that. He wasn’t the kind to beat about the bush but he just wanted to get this over and done with. He was tired of Agyeiwaa’s wits and instability. He wanted someone who would treasure him. Agyeiwaa never made him feel that way. Though he wasn’t sure what he felt for her, Naa Dromor seemed like someone who would worship him.

Naa Dromor wasn’t sure what answer she should give. She thought he would give a long speech before saying anything.

“Would you like to be my girlfriend? Sincerely, I can’t say I love you as much as you do but I can tell you I have strong feelings for you”.

This was the first time anyone was being so sincere but scary to her. She nodded slowly. Joshua held out his hands and Naa held onto it. He pulled her up and she sat on his laps. He gave her a peck on the cheek. Her heart started racing. She was not sure if she should respond or not. She had never been kissed before. She was new at everything aside a hug.