SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 2- 3

He said nothing and watched her as she spoke in fear, as if she was witnessing the accident. She stared into space. “I lived with my uncle since then. We moved to Ho for some time. I returned eight years ago when I entered the university and decided to stay here. My uncle too died last year”.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get you to talk about all these. I expected to hear something like ‘rains are frustrating’ or any other funny reason”.

“Don’t worry. I wanted to talk about it. Aside my best friend, Mary who travelled to the states last month, no one knows about it”.

“So you have a best friend?”

“We stayed together when I came to Accra. I knew her before my parents died. I stayed with her when I came to university in Accra”.

“No wonder you seemed so lonely when I first met you. It’s as if you have a lot going on. You need something or someone to fill that empty void. Like your boyfriend.”

She laughed loudly. “I’ve never had a boyfriend. I don’t have one now either. I believe books have filled my void”.

“Which planet are you from? How old are you?” he teased.

“I’ve never had the time for all those. I’ve been too busy…”

“Being lonely? Very funny! But you’ve had crushes?”

“A lot. My first crush turned me down so I never confessed any of my subsequent crushes”.

“You are too interesting. I like you a lot already.”

She looked at him. He was smiling at her. “And I think I’m almost in love with you”.

“I’ll fast and pray for that to happen”.

It was five in the evening so Naa Dromor wrapped up quickly and Joshua dropped her off at home.