SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 2- 2

“Mr DeGraft listen, this book is poor and I can’t write a good review. I personally hate the book. Your father was a great writer that is why you have the opportunity to mess around like this, calling it writing. You’ve managed to buy the whole writing industry. I won’t ever write a good review. In fact, I no longer want to critique your book. I don’t care what my boss says!”

She slammed her phone angrily on the table and screamed before realising she was in her office. Julius always drove her so crazy. She didn’t even hear the knock on the door.

“Can I come in?” Joshua asked from behind the door.

She quickly sat up right and asked him to come in. She smiled and offered him a seat.

“I heard you scream from outside. Mr. DeGraft I guess.”

“I can’t stand him anymore. I’ve lived for twenty-seven years but he makes me feel like I’ve lived for a hundred.”

He laughed and asked to change the topic to calm her down.

“So tell me why you fear the rain so much?” She didn’t answer. “You seem like a very lonely person who doesn’t easily trust.”

“I trust per instinct. I have very few friends, therefore”. She answered almost quietly.

“So I guess your instinct says don’t trust me”.

“I wouldn’t have let you take me home and bring me to work if so. I am never a wrong judge of character. So I already trust you. We’ve been working together for some time now. Unless you say otherwise, I can trust you”.

“Sure you can”.

She nodded. “Have you had lunch? Let’s eat. It’s on me”.

“When I was fifteen, I was in a car accident with my parents. It was raining heavily and there was a strong wind. The strike of lightning caused a wire in the car to speck fire and the car caught fire. My parents died in it. I was out of the car already. The two policemen who tried to help them died too. Since then, I’ve never been able to stand thunder or lightning. Even heavy rains, especially when it is windy, scare me”.