SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 2- 1

The knock on the door so early in the morning was very unusual. Naa Dromor was ready to leave for the office so she just grabbed her bag as she went to open the door.


“Joshua, it’s barely seven. What are you doing here?” Naa asked surprisingly.

“I wanted to be your chauffeur today. I got my car back from the mechanics today.”

He helped her with her bag and drove her to the office before leaving for work.

Agyeiwaa was waiting for him in his office when he got there. He was surprised to see her there. She hated coming to the office to see him, she said so herself.

“What are you doing here?” he asked her.

“I need you”, she answered anxiously.

“I guessed as much. What is it this time?”

“I couldn’t reach you because you didn’t pick up when I called.”

“You don’t want me back, but you always need me for this or that. So what is your story now? You’ll come back together with me in time? You’ll make time for me? What now? In return what do I have to give you?”

“I called you yesterday to tell you that I missed you and that I want us back together”.

He stared at her suspiciously. She always promised to get back together after she got whatever she needed from him. “Are you being serious?”

She nodded slowly and stared back at him. He smiled and hugged her. It didn’t seem like her usual need, use and ditch. They sat and talked more about it and agreed to take it slow this time.