SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 1- 3

Joshua slammed the door behind him when he got to his house. He was smiling to himself. He was glad he saw the other side of Naa Dromor. She was actually a sweet person. He kept smiling to himself. He was startled when his phone rang. It was Agyeiwaa. He stared at the phone for some time and placed it on the table.

He met Agyeiwaa about a year ago and they dated about a month after that but they broke up two months ago. She broke up with him for no reason and he was trying to get her back together with him but she wasn’t really giving in. She mostly called when she needed a favour at work or financially. Least of the times, she would call to make sure he wasn’t in another relationship already.

Joshua turned off his phone when the call became persistent. He quickly washed down and fell asleep almost immediately.

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  1. I’m in the state of …
    outlook/foretaste of….
    or perhaps preconception of….
    Looking forward to…
    U can call it wondering.
    Until u snap my mind off it with another chapter. 😉

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