SLIPPING GRIP Chapter 1- 1

The winds blew harder and it became chillier. It wasn’t raining heavily though.

Naa Dromor stood against the tree, shivering. As the thunder roared and the lightning struck, she became more terrified. She had always been scared of thunder and lightning, especially when it was windy. The last sound of the thunder brought her to her knees. She screamed as she hit the ground. There were barely cars on the road because of the rain. Many people ran to take shelter, while others struggled for buses. She was too scared to move so she just remained by the tree.

She didn’t want to go for the book launch that day but she was forced to. She hated Julius DeGraft. To her, he was a just a poor excuse of a writer but due to his affluence, he made it to the top. He was so full of himself, she always thought. She didn’t know why the president of the writer’s club tricked her into going. Perhaps, he knew she wouldn’t go if she was told. The president told her it was an important meeting. Now she was stuck there, by a tree she believed would shield her from the storm. If she could, she would just kill him.

“Do you plan on sleeping here today?” The shrivelled voice sounded familiar. “I’ve been watching you from the other side of the road for a while now”. She looked up and saw him. It was Joshua from her office. She was working as a freelance book critique for the quarter and he was Julius DeGraft’s representative.

She stared up at him for a while and looked away. She was still shivering from fear and cold. She didn’t respond to his question.

“I know you hate my boss so you must hate me as well? That’s why you avoid me right?”

She didn’t look up at him this time. Then the thunder roared again and she screamed loudly. She couldn’t help the tears. Joshua drew closer to her and held her.

To be continued…

By: Nana Afoa Selorm