You are the only one battling with a problem

Your strength is so great but the problem is greater

No one understands what you’re going through

No one can fight the battle you are fighting

You have the right to think that

Your pattern of fight is the best

Your style of solution is even way better

Okay, keep thinking

O, are you out of vocabulary?

Then let me help you conclude

The fact that you have a problem doesn’t mean you are the only one with problems

The fact that you are unable to defeat the problem doesn’t make it bigger than your strength

The fact that you are not served pity doesn’t mean no one understands

The fact that no one tells you what to do doesn’t mean no one can fight your battle

The fact that you achieve quickly doesn’t mean your pattern of fight is the best

The fact that your solution produced your results doesn’t make it better

Everyone has their own battles

They just don’t go about broadcasting it

Or begging for pity

Or discouraging themselves

Or telling people what to do

Or bragging about how best they solved it

And forcing people to accept their formula

By: Nana Afoa Selorm

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