Riches are now the most desired in our world today. Let’s not go too far from home: our society we live in.

The routine now is as long as we are children of God then we need to be rich since God provides us with all things according to His riches in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4: 19).  If we don’t have then it means he doesn’t love us. This is actually ridiculous. One reality of this is that God gives us what He knows we can handle. He would never give us below or beyond what we deserve.

He knows that when we have more we would forget He really is. He knows to that when He gives us less we wouldn’t be able to do what He wants us to. The fact that we have little or less doesn’t mean God loves us less or more.

Now moving away from what we deserve, let’s go to time. Our very popular Ecclesiastes 3 is the simplest summarization of time and essence and what is supposed to happen. At the right time, we would get what we deserve. What is the rush? If it isn’t the time or our turn yet, why should we strive abnormally? It will yield results we wouldn’t be able to handle no matter what.

Faith is the most essential element here. Patience in God is faith. Therefore, to be able to believe and wait or accept, let us keep up faith in our heart. Like it or not, at the right time we would receive, or accept what we have been given.