We live in a world where there is knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to be wise, knowledge is the ability to know the obvious or the taught. When wisdom is higher than knowledge, there is advantage, though the world may not recognize it but when knowledge is greater than wisdom then we can find ourselves wanting.

Now, the two need to be balanced for us to be able to truly and proudly say that we are living. But there are just a few people who have wisdom, and a fewer people who have both wisdom and knowledge. However, knowledge is everywhere.

Knowledge is what the world has accepted as concrete ability, hence so much evil and crookedness. If one had both knowledge and wisdom, the person would utilize the wisdom to determine what he or she should do with the knowledge he or she has acquired. No one trains to become wise but when you seek to become wise then you would. It’s vice versa when you talk about knowledge.

I think there are so much evil, nonacceptance and controversies in the world simply because there is an unproportioned balance between wisdom and knowledge and till the two can weigh equal on a scale then I don’t see anyone going anywhere with anything.


PS: Remember that I’m not experienced, just inspired.