How many people fall in love in a day? Definitely more people have crushes than love. Crushes are just on something we think is cute but love remains unexplainable. It just happens and just a few people recognize it.

That happens because everyone defines love as magical, a spark that lightens you up. Something that makes the imperfect looks perfect, and so on. But we forget that the fact that we recognize these does not mean we love the person or in love with the person. That’s when crush comes in because it lasts for just a short time then fades. No wonder many people go into relationships and break up because of lost feelings.

It’s like this; when you have a crazy crush on a guy, and you’re not careful or rush into anything, you’re going to mistake it for love and later regret even thinking about the guy in the first place.

Even I can’t tell what a crazy crush is and what being in love is. Love is expressed differently by everyone. Someone may prove his or her love by looking you in the eyes and smiling. Another may prove his or hers by giving you a peck on the forehead or cheek. The fact that both are different doesn’t mean one is love and the other isn’t. Love isn’t objective. It depends on the individual thinks his or her best way of proving it to you. Love isn’t just a feeling, portraying it is what gives it the qualification.

Everyone loves differently. It’s up to you to recognize what love is when you see it.

As for the crushes, Oh God, we can even have a crush on someone and the next two hours we meet someone else and all of a sudden the crush disappears. But when the crushes become love, trust me, it is, or it will be the most wonderful feeling on earth. I believe so though. I don’t know what you think.

But hey! Even I don’t know if a crush is this and not that, and love is this not that. I guess the confusion will still linger.

I’ve given what I have; my ideas and thoughts. It’s now your turn to get the definite meaning you want. One thing I’m sure about though is that they are completely different.


PS: Remember that I’m not experienced, just inspired.


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