Failed Colour Blend

Yellow i am

I think i’m golden, glorious, soothing

I love unity ’cause i’m royal

Green you are

Come let’s unite

Join me to become greater

But how can we if blown by the wind you easily are

Nature of the leaf you share

‘Cuase we’re all juvenile

No matter hard we try

We can never bond

You’ll ever be you

Red, you are

Come lets unite

Join me to become greater

I feel your heat

How can i make orange

If you’re so bloody

Blue you are

I feel your calmness and aggressiveness

You are the sky and sea

How then do we make green

Even the green we struggle to make wishes to be us

If only one of you could join forces with me

Then i can shine with you

And you can calm my pomposity and ego

Those i get from being royal